IPS-E - Intelligent Pump Starter

IPS-E - Intelligent Pump Starter

IPS-E - Intelligent Pump Starter

  • 1Ø & 3Ø, 50/60 Hz, 120~600 VAC, 1/3~300HP
Tru-power™ sensing protects pumps from dry-run, dead head, runout, and jammed impeller conditions - keeping you online and preventing costly premature pump failure. Along with superior protection, measuring underload using power allows for a more flexible trip range, as opposed to measuring by current, which requires a more precise set point. The end result is the elimination of nuisance trips.
  • Integrated Tru-power™ electronic motor and pump protection
  • Eliminates need for costly pump protection relays
  • Dry pump detection using power (nuisance trip-free): time-based automatic restart and well recovery mode
  • Features a wide-range, adjustable, class 5-30 electronic overload
  • Provides superior motor protection from the following
  • conditions:
  • Over/under power (dry-run)
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • Voltage phase loss
  • Voltage and current phase unbalance
  • Stalled/locked rotor
  • Cycle fault
  • Ground fault (UL 1053 certified)
  • Voltage phase reversal
  • Built-in power monitoring and fault logging for easy troubleshooting
  • View voltage, current, power factor, and more through an intuitive display
  • Quickly identify common power problems such as phase imbalance, voltage drop, and over/undercurrent conditions to ensure proper pump operation
  • Built-in fault log, counter and parameter change log: records last 15 fault types with power condition values, stores how many times each fault type has occurred (up to 255 count), and logs changes to parameter settings (e.g. FLA, OV/UV, under power)
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Inside, the display shows an easy to use menu for setting a wealth of parameters. Adjust any protective or control setting in seconds. For example, choose how long to allow for dry well recovery, set run time periods, and On/Off delays. All this with just a few intuitive keystrokes. The IPS ships with factory default settings pre-programmed for optimal submersible pump protection.
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Door mounted heavy-duty HOA switch
  • Housed in an outdoor rated, gasketed, NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Multi-tap control power transformer with integrated secondary protection accommodates common motor voltages. No fuses required!
  • Includes 120 VAC control power for field devices
  • NEMA/IEC rated magnetic contactors feature 2.5 million electrical cycles at full rated current
  • Advanced programmable pump control
  • Automatic fault reset
  • Backspin delay - Prevents start-up while system is draining
  • On and Off delay settings
  • Well recovery mode (up to 48 hours)
  • Minimum run time based on last input
  • 12-120 V input for remote start/stop
  • Dry contact input for remote start/stop
  • Standard circuit breaker disconnect (Service Entrance rated)
  • UL 489 circuit breaker provides branch and short circuit protection
  • No fuses required – saves time and money
  • Lockable handle for safety
  • Optional Ethernet card provides time-stamped data logging, ending utility power disputes
  • Download and display up to 100 faults and alarms, including operational mode and values of operation at the time of fault
  • All power condition values are stored by phase for voltage, current, and power factor per fault
  • Data is easily displayed and saved on any web browser using an Ethernet connection. The IPS incorporates internal web-server. No additional software required
  • Time and date stamped for utility documentation

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Use a NEMA 1 enclosure when panels are installed in clean, indoor environment. NEMA 3R is a rainproof enclosure meant for outdoor installations.

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