SPS-RV - Standard Pump Soft Starter

SPS-RV - Standard Pump Soft Starter

SPS-RV - Standard Pump Soft Starter

  • 3Ø, 50/60 Hz, 200~600 VAC, 2~75HP
Soft starting capabilities in a more basic package, the SPS-RV has a wide range electronic overload and excellent protective features.
  • Electronic motor protection and automation I/O
  • Wide-range, class 10 electronic overload
  • Current phase unbalance protection
  • Locked rotor / stall protection
  • Cycle fault protection
  • Accepts 200-600 VAC directly, true plug and play
  • Voltage auto-run input
  • Dry contact auto-run input
  • Status relay output
  • Hand/Off/Auto keypad with LEDs for mode, fault and run indication
  • Soft starter features
  • Full HP rated bypass contactor
  • Across-the-line start for emergency situations
  • Adjustable current limit, start/stop voltage, and start/stop time
  • SCR over-temperature detection
  • Shorted SCR detection
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Door mounted HOA keypad
  • Housed in an outdoor rated, gasketed, NEMA 3R enclosure
  • NEMA rated bypass contactor features 2.5 million electrical cycles at full rated current - nearly twice the life as our competitors
  • Optional circuit breaker disconnect (Service Entrance rated)
  • UL 489 circuit breaker provides branch and short circuit protection
  • No fuses required – saves time and money
  • Lockable handle for safety
  • UL Type 3R enclosures
  • UL Type 4 and 4X (contact factory)
  • Surge Suppression

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A disconnect provides short circuit protection, and a means of disconnecting power to safely service the application. Disconnects can be locked/tagged out in the open (off) position to ensure the system isn’t energized during service.

Use a NEMA 1 enclosure when panels are installed in clean, indoor environment. NEMA 3R is a rainproof enclosure meant for outdoor installations.

Check the motor nameplate to find your motor's rated Horsepower

Enter single or three phase based on the incoming power distribution system.

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