Q-Link - Variable Frequency Drive

Q-Link - Variable Frequency Drive

Q-Link - Variable Frequency Drive

  • 1-56A, 200-460VAC, 3Ø
The Q-link Variable Frequency Drive provides a revolutionary user experience through it's intuitive iOS and Android smartphone apps. The Q-link connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and allows for guided start-up, automated reports, in-app support, and more. It provides an array of inputs and outputs including damper control. Native communications include BACnet and Modbus. The Q-link uses R³ Filtering – a sophisticated filtering algorithm – to reduce harmonic distortion and provide equivalent performance to an AC line reactor, without the added cost.
  • Smartphone operation via Bluetooth
  • Simple and intuitive LCD display
  • Designated HOA buttons
  • Native communications (BACnet & Modbus)
  • R³ Filtering for harmonic mitigation
  • Meets latest harmonized UL standard
  • Built in damper control
  • Compact UL Type 1 Frame
  • Finger-safe terminals with cover removed

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Product videos
Product videos

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