P-Drive - P-Series Variable Frequency Drive

P-Drive - P-Series Variable Frequency Drive

P-Drive - P-Series Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Speed Control is Just the Beginning; Everyone knows variable frequency drives save you money by varying motor speed to match demand. Our automatic energy savings mode minimizes losses by optimizing the output power for higher efficiency. Under low load conditions, Sleep Mode deactivates the drive and its output – then awakens and reactivates output when demand rises to unlock additional savings. It also extends the life of the equipment.
  • New Firmware makes setup a snap
  • Application based commissioning allows parameters to be automatically set based on industry standards
  • Applications: Basic, circulating pump, supply fan, exhaust fan or cooling tower
  • Selectable units include PSI, °F, °C, inWC, inM, Bar, mBar, Pa, kPa
  • Belt loss protection
  • Space Vector control for efficiency and long motor life
  • Cleaner sine wave as compared to typical V/Hz control. Motors run cooler and last longer
  • Advanced PID control (Pre-PID and Dual PID)
  • Maintain a constant control of pressure, flow or water level. This function includes Pre-PID, Sleep and Wake up and output inverse sub-functions
  • Dual PID for external PID control or cascade PID control
  • Multi-motor control function, allowing for the control of up to 4 motors
  • Automatic energy savings mode
  • Adaptive flux control for varying loads (e.g. damper loading)
  • Sleep and wake up function
  • Increased energy savings by deactivating drive during low demand
  • Flying start protection
  • Prevents trips, rough starts, and drive damage from regenerative power from heavy fan inertia rotation
  • Built-in Modbus RTU communication
  • Optional: Profibus-DP, LonWorks, BACnet
  • Pre-heater function
  • Used to protect motor and inverter from damage when installed in damp location (e.g. green house).
  • Automatic carrier frequency change
  • Adjusts based on temperature for optimal operation
  • Selectable V/F, Sensorless vector control
  • Ideal for any control requirement
  • Long-life condenser & simple framework
  • Increased reliability

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