GS-Series Bypass - GS-Series Bypass

GS-Series Bypass - GS-Series Bypass

GS-Series Bypass - GS-Series Bypass

  • 0.5-5HP, 200~230VAC or 380~480VAC, 3Ø
The bypass package offers the GS series VFD with a 2 or 3 contactor bypass, MMS disconnect, Hand/Off/Auto switch and VFD/Off/Bypass switch all in enclosure options for any environment. The GS Series VFD features include sensorless vector control, space vector modulation for superior motor life, integrated PID, dynamic braking circuit, built-in RS-485 communication, ground-fault communication, cooling fan control, intuitive multi-direction keypad, and much more!
  • Standard HVAC bypass features
  • Fireman’s override/smoke purge ready
  • 2 contactor with manual motor starter disconnect version
  • UL 508C rating with all drive models for maximum motor protection
  • Wide range of design options
  • Door mounted controls, speed pot, HOA, & pilot lights
  • Input or output drive reactors
  • Electronic overload with full phase protection on bypass
  • Fully enclosed drives for any environment
  • We offer any enclosure type and NEMA ratings (Stainless, fiberglass, watertight, etc.)
  • Dust tight type 12 enclosures include ducting and ventilation for maximum cooling
  • Applications
  • Supply and return fans
  • Performance contracting
  • Building Automation
  • Line reactor
  • Output reactor/filter
  • UL Type 1, 3R and 12
  • UL Type 4 and 4X (contact factory)
  • Run pilot light (Green standard)
  • Bypass pilot light (Amber standard)
  • Fault pilot light (Red standard)
  • Off pilot light (Red standard)
  • Door mounted speed potentiometer
  • Door mounted keypad
  • Door mounted keypad with Type 4X cover

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A disconnect provides short circuit protection, and a means of disconnecting power to safely service the application. Disconnects can be locked/tagged out in the open (off) position to ensure the system isn’t energized during service.

Use a NEMA 1 enclosure when panels are installed in clean, indoor environment. NEMA 3R is a rainproof enclosure meant for outdoor installations.

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Enter single or three phase based on the incoming power distribution system.

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