Cerus X-Drive VFD Family

Whether you install 100 drives a year or 10, you want to be up and running as quickly as possible. Franklin Electric’s new Cerus® X-Drive Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is designed for intuitive and streamlined programming so users can get to full operational capabilities in less time – no matter what the application or market. Plus, the Cerus X-Drive has the ability to handle variable torque applications up to 600 horsepower, for more power when you need it; and energy-savings when you don’t.

Key Product Features Include:

The right controller and firmware for any application

The Cerus X-Drive VFD is loaded with application-specific firmware with enhanced settings that control and protect motors for the most demanding applications in the HVAC and industrial markets.

Easy programming; no learning curve

Get up and running in minutes, not hours, thanks to a large, easy-to-read display that allows you to navigate all of the drive’s main parameters without scrolling through multiple screens. Factory presets offer programming options that work in many applications, meeting industry standards for supply or exhaust fans, cooling tower panels, and circulating pumps.

More power and control; less footprint

The pre-PID equipped, 1/6 to 600-horsepower drive is more compact than similar drives in its class. The drive provides constant pressure and enhanced modes with external or cascade control options.

Reduced energy costs

By running your motor to meet the demand of your application, the Cerus X-Drive can reduce energy costs by up to 50%. Plus, the variable motor speed allows for soft start, protecting the life of your equipment and offering long-term savings.

Designed around your needs

Available in multiple packaged configurations, including bypass and enclosed, these panels are built to last, with every detail and component centered around your requirements.

Please see our new literature to learn more about the Cerus® X-Drive



While the Cerus X-Drive products are not currently quotable on the franklin-controls.com website, you can place a sales order by contacting your sales representative directly. You can expect to see online quoting made available to customers soon.