Greenheck, who partnered with Franklin Control Systems on the development of the Vari-Green Drive, has won gold at the Dealer Design Awards.

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Greenheck won Gold for its Vari-Green Drive® Model 100+ with companion app, which was in development for more than two years. The factory-mounted, wired, and programmed variable-frequency drive was specifically designed to bring demand-controlled operation to larger fans and motors. The companion app allows a user to take advantage of the advanced features and functions such as input/output terminal configuration, startup reporting, and troubleshooting help, all without the need of an onboard keypad or screen.

“The Vari-Green Drive addresses the challenge of maintaining a skilled workforce by giving technicians the features needed to do their jobs quickly, effectively, and efficiently,” said David Mayer, product manager at Greenheck. “A phone screen and app are much quicker and easier to navigate than a traditional keypad and display interface. The app will also assist in service/troubleshooting by providing detailed fault information as well as direct links to our tech support team.”

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